Beer List

The provisional beer list for Glasgow Real Ale Festival is presented below. Please note that while every effort is made to ensure the information is correct, it’s possible that for whatever reason some beers may be unavailable and may be replaced with alternatives. Also, please check back as more beers may be added.

Brewery Beer Name ABV Style Origin
Abbeydale Black Mass 6.7% Stout England
Abbeydale Deception 4.1% Bitter England
Alechemy 10 Storey Malt Bomb 4.5% Scottish Ale Scotland
Alechemy Charisma 3.7% Blonde Scotland
Alechemy EH54 5.7% IPA Scotland
Allendale Gluten Free Pale Ale 6.5% Pale Ale England
Allendale Mosaic 4.5% Blonde England
Almasty Dank IPA 6.0% IPA England
Almasty Lilt Pale Ale 5.0% Pale Ale England
Ayr Betty and the Gardens 5.2% Blonde Scotland
Ayr Hiphopapotamus 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Ayr Rabbie’s Porter 4.3% Porter Scotland
Bad Seed Aussie Pale 3.8% Pale Ale England
Bad Seed Mandarina Bavaria 4.5% Pale Ale England
Blackjack Dead Man’s Hands 4.1% Pale Ale England
Blackjack Royal Flush 5.0% Bitter England
Blackjack Shuffled Desk 3.8% Pale Ale England
Blackjack The Pokies 3.6% Pale Ale England
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons 4.2% Mild England
Blue Monkey Chocolate Guerilla 4.9% Stout England
Borough Pale 3.7% Bitter England
Borough Summertime Dark 4.0% Mild England
Brass Castle Northern Blonde 3.9% Blonde England
Broughton 6.2 IPA 6.2% IPA Scotland
Broughton Elder Power 4.7% Specialty Scotland
Broughton Hopopotamus 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Broughton Pale Ale 4.2% Pale Ale Scotland
Broughton Proper IPA 5.0% IPA Scotland
Broughton Sin Bin 4.0% Bitter Scotland
Broughton The Finnish Stoater 6.2% IPA Scotland
Burning Sky Aurora 5.6% IPA England
Bute Cock Up Your Beaver 4.5% Scottish Ale Scotland
Bute Scalpsie Blonde 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Bute Thoroughbread 4.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Caledonian Deuchars IPA 3.8% IPA Scotland
Caledonian Edinburgh Castle 4.1% Scottish Ale Scotland
Caledonian Golden XPA 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Caledonian Lion’s Share 4.4% Bitter Scotland
Campervan Mutiny on the Bounty 4.2% Stout Scotland
Clockwork Hampden Roar 6.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Clockwork Hoptopussy 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Clockwork Oregon IPA 5.5% IPA Scotland
Cross Bay Aurora 4.0% Bitter England
Cross Bay Winter Moon 3.7% Porter England
Cross Borders IPA 4.5% IPA Scotland
Cross Borders Porter 4.2% Porter Scotland
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Loweswater Gold 4.3% Blonde England
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7% Pale Ale England
Dark Star Espresso Stout 4.2% Stout England
Dark Star Festival 5.0% Bitter England
Derwent Whitwell & Marks Mild 3.7% Mild England
Drygate Pale Duke 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Drygate Seven Peaks 5.0% IPA Scotland
Eden Shipwreck IPA 6.0% IPA Scotland
Eden St. Andrews Blonde 3.8% Blonde Scotland
Exit 33 Encore 4.5% Pale Ale England
Exit 33 Hopnotised 4.0% Pale Ale England
Exit 33 Oat Stout 5.0% Stout England
Fallen Chew Chew 6.0% Stout Scotland
Fallen Dragonfly 4.6% Amber Ale Scotland
Fallen Platform C 6.3% IPA Scotland
Farmageddon Gold 4.2% Blonde Northern Ireland
Farmageddon IPA 5.5% IPA Northern Ireland
Farmageddon Mosaic IPA 6.3% IPA Northern Ireland
Fernandes Malt Shovel Mild 3.8% Mild England
Ferry Ferry Stout 4.9% Stout Scotland
Ferry Ferry Witches Brew 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
First Chop PIP 6.3% Saison England
First Chop POP 5.4% Specialty England
Five Kingdoms Auf Wiedersehen Pet 5.5% Blonde Scotland
Five Kingdoms Dark Storm 6.0% Stout Scotland
Five Kingdoms Wee McAsh 4.5% Bitter Scotland
Fuzzy Duck Cunning Stunt 4.3% Bitter England
Fuzzy Duck Pheasant Plucker 4.2% Bitter England
Fyne Ales Highlander 4.8% Amber Ale Scotland
Fyne Ales Jarl 3.8% Bitter Scotland
Fyne Ales Sublime Stout 6.8% Stout Scotland
Fyne Ales Superior IPA 7.1% IPA Scotland
Fyne Ales Wee Heavy 6.1% Scottish Ale Scotland
Harveys Armada Ale 4.5% Bitter England
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter 4.0% Bitter England
Harveys Sussex Mild 3.0% Mild England
Hawkshead Cumbrian 5 Hop 5.0% Pale Ale England
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5% Pale Ale England
Hilden 5 Hop IPA 5.5% IPA Northern Ireland
Hilden Citrus IPA 5.2% IPA Northern Ireland
Hilden Headless Dog 4.8% Amber Ale Northern Ireland
Hopcraft Waen Lemon Drizzle 3.7% Pale Ale Wales
Hopcraft Waen Snowball 7.0% Stout Wales
Hopcraft We Come In Peace 4.6% Amber Ale Wales
Inveralmond EPA 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Inveralmond Lia Fail 4.7% Scottish Ale Scotland
Inveralmond Ossian 4.1% Blonde Scotland
Inveralmond Thai PA N/A% Pale Ale Scotland
Jaw Drift 4.3% Blonde Scotland
Jaw Drop 3.8% Pale Ale Scotland
Jaw Surf 4.3% Wheat Scotland
Jaw Wave 4.7% Wheat Scotland
Kelburn Cart Blanche 5.0% Blonde Scotland
Kelburn Cart Noir 4.8% Porter Scotland
Kelburn Jaguar 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
Kelham Island Pale Rider 5.2% Bitter England
Kelham Island Riders on the Storm 4.5% Blonde England
Kirkby Lonsdale Crafty Mild 3.6% Mild England
Kirkby Lonsdale Jubilee 5.5% Stout England
Kirkby Lonsdale Radical 4.2% Amber Ale England
Kirkby Lonsdale Stanleys 3.8% Pale Ale England
Knops California Common 4.6% Lager Scotland
Knops India Pale Ale 5.0% IPA Scotland
Lacada Sorley Boy’s Stash 4.5% Amber Ale Northern Ireland
Lacons Encore 3.8% Blonde England
Lacons Legacy 4.4% Blonde England
Lawman Horizon APA 5.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Lawman Pixel Bandit 4.0% Blonde Scotland
Lerwick Azure 4.3% Pale Ale Scotland
Lerwick Lerwick IPA 5.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Lomond Ale of Leven 4.5% Amber Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Bravehop Amber 6.0% IPA Scotland
Loch Lomond Dr. Peppercorn 7.0% Saison Scotland
Loch Lomond Kessog 5.2% Strong Ale Scotland
Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5.0% Stout Scotland
Loch Lomond Southern Summit 4.0% Pale Ale Scotland
Lytham Golden Mild 4.3% Mild England
Lytham Ice King 4.4% Pale Ale England
Mallinsons Nelson Sauvin 3.8% Bitter England
Mallinsons SPA 17 3.9% Bitter England
Marble Pale Ale 5.4% Pale Ale England
Marble Pint 3.9% Blonde England
Milton Marcus Aurelius 7.4% Stout England
Milton Minerva 4.9% Blonde England
Mourne Mountains Mourne Gold 4.0% Blonde Northern Ireland
O Brother The Chancer 5.4% Pale Ale Ireland
O Brother The Preacher 4.6% Pale Ale Ireland
O Brother The Wanderer 5.0% Pilsner Ireland
O Brother Wait 4.8% Wheat Ireland
Oakham Citra 4.2% Blonde England
Oakham Green Devil 6.0% IPA England
Ossett Excelsior 5.2% Bitter England
Ossett Silver King 4.3% Blonde England
Purple Moose Elderflower Ale 4.0% Specialty Wales
Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale 4.2% Blonde Wales
Rascals Big Hop Red 5.0% Amber Ale Ireland
Rat Raturday Night Fever 4.0% Bitter England
Rat Reservoir Rats 4.0% Pale Ale England
Redemption Iced Tea Pale Ale 4.0% Pale Ale England
Redemption Rock the Kazbek 4.0% Blonde England
Salamander Golden Salamander 4.3% Blonde England
Salamander Spectre Stout 4.5% Stout England
Shilling Glasgow Red 4.2% Amber Ale Scotland
Shilling Papa Gatto 5.0% Stout Scotland
Skye Cuillin Beast 7.0% Strong Ale Scotland
Skye Young Pretender 4.0% Bitter Scotland
Stewart Celtman 5.0% Bitter Scotland
Stewart Pentland IPA 3.9% IPA Scotland
Strathaven Avondale 4.0% Amber Ale Scotland
Strathaven Duchess Anne 3.9% Blonde Scotland
Swannay Duke IPA 5.2% IPA Scotland
Swannay Island Hopping 3.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Swannay Sneaky Wee Orkney Stout 4.2% Stout Scotland
Tempest Cascadian 4.1% Blonde Scotland
Timothy Taylor’s Landlord 4.3% Bitter England
Timothy Taylor’s Ram Tam 4.3% Old Ale England
Tiny Rebel Juicy 4.8% Pale Ale Wales
Tryst Brockville Pale 3.9% Pale Ale Scotland
Tryst Double Chocolate Porter 4.4% Porter Scotland
Tryst Raj IPA 5.5% IPA Scotland
Up Front Ahab 6.0% Stout Scotland
Up Front Old Man Ahab 7.1% Stout Scotland
Vocation Chop & Change 4.5% Pale Ale England
Vocation Heart & Soul 4.4% Pale Ale England
Whitewater Bee’s Endeavour 4.8% Blonde Northern Ireland
Whitewater Belfast Ale 4.5% Bitter Northern Ireland
Whitewater Hen, Cock & Pigeon Rock 4.8% Amber Ale Northern Ireland
Whitewater Hoppelhammer 6.0% IPA Northern Ireland
Whitewater Maggie’s Leap 4.7% Pale Ale Northern Ireland
Windswept Weizen 5.2% Wheat Scotland
Windswept Wolf 6.0% Old Ale Scotland
WooHa Blonde 5.0% Blonde Scotland
WooHa Wee IPA 4.1% IPA Scotland

Foreign Bar

Brewery Beer Name ABV Style Origin
Alvinne Cuvée D’Erpigny Pedro Ximenez 12.2% Quadrupel Belgium
Alvinne Wild West Kriek Framboos 6.0% Sour Belgium
Amager Cocks Not Glocks 6.3% IPA Denmark
Amager Linda – The Axe Grinder 9.0% Strong Ale Denmark
Amager Psychedelic Popcorn 4.2% Grisette Denmark
Amager Sunby Stout 6.2% Stout Denmark
Brewski Snout Juice 11.5% Stout Sweden
De Dolle Boskeun 8.0% Strong Ale Belgium
De Graal Blond 6.5% Blonde Belgium
De Graal Dubbel 6.5% Dubbel Belgium
De Graal Quest 9.0% Tripel Belgium
De Graal Triverius 6.8% Wheat Belgium
De Halve Maan Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2015 11.0% Quadrupel Belgium
De La Senne Jambe-de-Bois 8.0% Tripel Belgium
De La Senne Taras Boulba 4.5% Pale Ale Belgium
De Ryck Arend Tripel 8.0% Tripel Belgium
De Ryck Special 5.0% Amber Ale Belgium
De Struise Rio Reserva 2012 11.0% Quadrupel Belgium
Del Ducato American Brettxit 4.5% Sour Italy
Het Uiltje Me, Myself & IPA 8.0% IPA Netherlands
Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire 4.5% Saison United States
Karg Helles Hefe-Weißbier 5.0% Wheat Germany
Keesmann Herren Pils 4.8% Specialty Germany
Kloster Andechs Vollbier Hell 4.8% Lager Germany
Kloster Andechs Weissbier Hell 5.5% Specialty Germany
Kneitinger Pils 5.2% Pilsner Germany
LMNOP Export Stout 7.8% Stout Netherlands
LMNOP Vienna Pale Ale 5.3% Pale Ale Netherlands
Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier 6.1% Lager Germany
Oedipus Mannenliefde 6.0% Saison Netherlands
Oedipus Slomo 3.5% Saison Netherlands
Oedipus Swingers 4.0% Gose Netherlands
Oedipus Thai Thai Tripel 8.0% Tripel Netherlands
Omnipollo Karluminium 6.0% Sour Sweden
Omnipollo Leon 6.5% Pale Ale Sweden
Omnipollo Magic #3.5 3.5% Gose Sweden
Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar 8.5% IPA Sweden
Omnipollo Zodiac 6.2% IPA Sweden
Perennial Glitter & Gold 6.5% Bière de Garde United States
Perennial Saison de Lis 5.0% Saison United States
Saint-Sylvestre Gavroche 8.5% Amber Ale France
Schlenkerla Eiche 8.0% Smoked Germany
Schlenkerla Märzen Rauchbier 5.1% Specialty Germany
Van Honsebrouk Cuvée du Château 8.5% Quadrupel Belgium
Weihenstephaner Vitus 7.7% Bock Germany

Cider Bar

Brewery Cider Name ABV Style Origin
Andrews Ales Pickled Pete’s Oak Aged Cider 5.0% Cider Scotland
Andrews Ales Pickled Pete’s Scottish Perry 6.0% Cider Scotland
Dorset Nectar Old Harry Rocks 6.0% Dry England
Downham Cider Bourbon Cask Cider 6.5% Cider England
Dudda’s Tun Salted Caramel Cider 4.0% Cider England
Hartland’s Medium Cider 5.8% Medium England
Kent Hendersons Toffee Apple Cider 6.0% Sweet England
Max Nowell Steilhead Cider N/A% Cider Scotland
Oliver’s Sweet Perry 5.8% Medium Sweet England
Palmers Upland Chartist Cyder 7.0% Cider Wales
Penallt Welsh Perry 5.8% Cider Wales
Ross-on-Wye Broome 6.0% Cider England
Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry 5.0% Medium Scotland
Waulkmill Muckle Toon Rosie 5.0% Cider Scotland
Waulkmill Steel Bonnet 5.0% Medium Dry Scotland
Waulkmill Wallace 1306 5.5% Cider Scotland
Wilkins Medium Dry 6.5% Medium Dry Scotland
General Info

Opening Hours

Thursday: 15:30 To 22:30
Friday: 12:00 To 22:30
Saturday: 12:00 To 22:30


Tickets: £6 (£4 to CAMRA members) per session

Available on the door only. Ticket price includes festival glass.

(discounted entry to subsequent sessions with festival glass)

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